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Don't be shy, just reach out and touch faith...

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Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Frequent SF, NY, DC

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Fly Me To You:

Ready to ignite a fire that knows no bounds? Our encounter, a seductive symphony that stretches at least 3 hours, is an invitation to dive into a world of unapologetic desires. Imagine exclusive moments where fantasies become reality. To seal the deal, a 50% deposit and all travel fees upfront ensure our rendezvous is as scorching as it is real. My passion for travel aligns perfectly with your craving for something extraordinary. Let's create an escape where every whim, every longing, finds its match.

Tour Dates:

Follow my tour schedule closely as I journey through different cities, each a canvas for our connection to unfold. Let's indulge in the art of seduction, wherever our paths may cross.

New York              03/10 to 03/13

Austin                    03/14 to 03/17

Palo Alto/SF         03/25 to 03/28

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