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F. A. Q.

Everything you wanted to know


For new clients and those seeking their first encounter, I recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance to allow for a thorough screening process. To commence this enticing journey, kindly visit my contact page and complete the booking form with the necessary screening information. If you don't possess references from reputable providers, tantalize me with your current and active LinkedIn profile, accompanied by a captivating photo ID that matches your name. This step is essential to ensure a secure and respectful atmosphere. Once your booking request is reviewed and approved, please note that to confirm our date, a 20% deposit via Venmo or CashApp will be required. Thank you for considering an encounter with me, Veronica Wilder. I eagerly await the pleasure of creating unforgettable moments together.


When indulging in our passionate encounter, I typically host from a luxurious hotel nestled in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The setting is designed to elevate our connection, ensuring that every moment is infused with a sense of opulence and desire.


For those seeking an extra layer of excitement and exploration, I offer the option to rent a fully equipped dungeon for an

additional $350. This tantalizing opportunity allows us to delve into deeper realms of pleasure and sensation.


Please be aware that an outcall fee of $250 applies if you're located in Orange or Ventura County, bringing the allure of my presence to your doorstep. However, please note that I do not meet in private residences.


Our time together is destined for seduction, where desire takes center stage. To ignite this passion, I request your donation either in advance or at the beginning of our intimate rendezvous, with payment options including CashApp, Venmo, and cash. The allure is in the promptness – within the initial 15 minutes, a tantalizing display of anticipation that sets the mood. In public, master the art of seductive subtlety by discreetly placing your contribution within an opulent gift bag or concealed in a captivating book or vinyl record. For our private encounters, leave the agreed-upon donation in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter, heightening the intrigue. Remember, these offerings are tokens of admiration for my time and alluring companionship, strengthening our magnetic connection. As we communicate openly, the intoxicating allure of our shared experiences intensifies with each encounter.

Confidentiality & Discretion

At the heart of our interaction lies a commitment to privacy and confidentiality, creating a safe and secure environment for our connection. Rest assured that all communications and information exchanged between us remain entirely confidential.

In the realm of communication, your preferences are paramount. I will never initiate a call unless expressly requested by you. Furthermore, I kindly request that you refrain from making unscheduled calls, always respecting our mutually agreed-upon boundaries.

In the event that our paths should cross in public or private settings outside of our arrangements, you can trust in my discretion. I will never acknowledge our acquaintance, preserving your privacy and ensuring your comfort. It is my hope that you extend the same courtesy, maintaining the sanctuary of our connection with the utmost respect for both our personal lives.

PDA(Public displays of Affection)

In order to preserve the discretion and intimacy of our connection, I kindly request that we refrain from engaging in public displays of affection that go beyond a friendly hug or a gentle peck on the cheek. While I truly value the moments we share, it's important to keep our connection private and discreet when in public settings. This allows us to maintain the personal and exclusive nature of our interactions, heightening the anticipation of our private moments together. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter mean a lot to me, and I appreciate your respect for our boundaries.


My closet boasts a diverse collection: sultry outfits, daytime chic, sophisticated evening attire, smart-casual, and the classic jeans & tee combo. Naturally, my choice of ensemble is inspired by the nature of our rendezvous. Always expect my face to radiate genuine warmth with a radiant smile, accentuated by subtle makeup or sometimes a completely natural look. If you have a specific attire in mind for me, feel free to share your vision. Should I have it, I'd be thrilled to oblige. If not, a small donation will enable me to acquire the desired outfit just for our special occasion.


The dance of getting ready for our date, attending to every little nuance, is a pleasure I deeply relish. Just as I dedicate time to ensure I'm impeccably presented, I trust you'll mirror that dedication to cleanliness. When you arrive, do take a moment to freshen up in the bathroom - it's our shared gesture of mutual respect. And while you're there, leaving the donation on the counter is discreet and appreciated, ensuring the ambiance remains seamless and captivating.

Doubles & More

Navigating the vast oceans of desire, I pride myself on embracing a fluidity that's as boundless as water when it comes to orientation and gender identity. My circle of friends, a tantalizing mix of fervor and fascination, mirrors this ethos. Whether you're stepping into this world solo or with a partner, every nuance of your identity, every shade of your ethnicity, and every contour of your body is celebrated. For couples eager to indulge, I appreciate hearing from both to ensure a seamless and intoxicating experience. Dive in, and let's transform your most clandestine dreams into vivid reality.


The same screening process applies to everyone involved. Please add $500/hr to my donation.

Fly Me To You

The thrill of stepping onto unfamiliar terrain, of exploring a new city, especially with a gracious companion by my side, is a delight I deeply cherish. If patience isn't your virtue and I'm not within your city's bounds, simply beckon, and I'll make my way to you. As for the logistics: a first-class ticket and a private hotel room are essential for our escapade, their specifics dictated by the depth of our bond. All travel overheads, complemented by a 50% advance, ensure our rendezvous is effortless. For anything extending beyond a day, rest assured I'll rejuvenate with 8 hours of sleep and a couple of personal hours, ensuring every moment with me remains undeniably enchanting.


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