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veronica wilder - luxury companion - model - escort - los angeles - new york - san francis

Veronica Wilder

Your Exquisite VIP Companion, Where Dreams and Desires Collide

Get to know me

What the Camera Can’t Capture

In the sprawling canvas of life, I emerge not just as another brushstroke but as the defiant splash of color that catches your eye. My petite frame, seemingly at odds with my larger-than-life aura, is your passport to a world dripping in dreams and unbridled kink. Channeling the sultry essence of my California Latina roots, my eyes are liquid pools of warm milk chocolate – each gaze a potent cocktail of whiskey and cinnamon. Dive deep, and you'll find stories, secrets, and seductions, waiting to pull you into their embrace. Every curve, every contour is a story, with my light olive skin setting the stage for adventures that spark electric thrills.

While the electric hum of concerts and music festivals fuels part of my spirit, I also find raw, untamed energy beneath Joshua Tree's stars and in the lavish lap of luxe spas. Yoga, pilates, off-the-beaten-path hikes, and the joyous chaos of two dogs nipping at my heels keep me grounded yet always in motion. Those overcast days? That's when I'm deep in thought, sipping on the darkest brew and conjuring up culinary magic, each dish a symphony of flavors.

Yet, beneath all this lies a rebel with a cause. With every venture and every passion, I amplify voices that matter – from championing LGBTQ rights to advocating for holistic environmental shifts. My hands, stained with both paint and purpose, build alongside Habitat for Humanity and orchestrate events that resonate with change. So, step into the enigma, the wild ride that is Veronica Wilder, and let's set the world ablaze together.

veronica wilder - luxury companion - model - escort - los angeles - new york - san francis

“Intellectual passion drives out sensuality.”

Da Vinci



90 Mins



Four Hours

$4,000.00 USD


Two Hours

$2000.00 USD


Five Hours

$4,500.00 USD


Three Hours

$3,000.00 USD


Overnight Twelve Hours


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