If I'm not backstage at a concert or music festival, you can probably find me camping under the stars in Joshua Tree or indulging in opulence at the spa. I'm super active; I love doing yoga & pilates, going hiking, hitting the batting cages, taking archery lessons, and running around the park with my two dogs. I love gloomy gray days spent drinking copious amounts of tea and lingering over newspapers and playing words with friends (I have a 27-word avg). I also love vegetarian cooking and learning new cuisines. My friends always refer to me as the hostess with the mostest, as I pay attention to every detail in our time and experiences together.

"Intellectual passion drives out sensuality." Da Vinci

I'm a full-time muse. I spend most of my days running to all sorts of auditions and photo shoots. I also work on other personal creative endeavors continually partnering with non-profit organizations. Being a companion allows me to follow my dreams and help others while doing it.  I've been able to donate my time on community builds with habitat for humanity, organizing benefit events in my city, and canvassing for LGBTQ rights, human rights, and progressive environmental reform.

Lucky little lady in the city of lights

Hi, I'm Veronica a petite au naturale purveyor of dreams & kink.  I have been described as an elegant, graceful, and nurturing woman with a commanding presence. I would say, I'm a creative, laid back, sultry minx, with both a dry & dark sense of humor: a nihilist in the streets, an existentialist in the sheets. My curiosity and knack for defying convention have led me to create a world of my very own, full of compassion, sensuality, adventure, love, and luxuries.  A tried and true iconoclast reveling in' earthly delights. I always find myself thinking if the individual human experience is relative, wouldn't you want to define what happiness means you to? If on a cellular level the human body replaces itself every 7 to 10 years, does the consciousness, along with your definition of happiness evolve as well? Take my hand and let me be your guide, the one to explore these feelings, desires, and uncharted territories. 

My eyes are both warm and sweet like milk chocolate; chocolate that melts at the slightest bit of heat. Deep pools of dark whiskey & cinnamon swirl with the depth of one thousand untold stories that send your mind into a sensual state of intoxication. Lips, plush and pale pink,  passion, and the promise of dreams to come true. The curves of my figure are a painting come to life. Light olive skin so soft it sends a shock wave of electric velvet down your spine. 


Me & a few of 

my favorites 

​Natural Brunette  |  Brown Eyes

Height 5'4  |  Weight 110 lbs

Natural Bust 32C  |  Waist 26  |  Hips 36   

Dress Size Small  |  Shoe 7US/37EU

Orientation: Pansexual

Ethnic Background : Chilean, Spanish, French. 

My body is decorated with a few small tasteful linear tattoos.